High Quality Medical Treatments were either EXPENSIVE or INACCESSIBLE, we changed that. Now, everyone can afford it with ease while being on vacation.

Enjoy your vacation while getting the medical treatments you need.


We have known the local travel business inside out for years.

Also, we noticed that many friends and family were either paying huge amounts for medical treatments in their own countries or got the cheaper but also bad treatment for their condition, because they just could not afford to pay more.

Both parties have in common, that they regularly go on vacation where great clinics and doctors are happy to treat them with world class operations for substantially less costs. But they did not know how to reach these potential customers.

Now, we changed that.

Primula Medical Travel


Vacationers and travelers find, book and enjoy world class treatments in vacation spots for a fraction of the price; full service.

With consultation, translation and transportation in their own language, we create a trustful bond between our local clinical partners and their patients from abroad.

With Primula Medical Travel, everyone gets access to the best medical treatments in the world.